There are many mechanical drainage and irrigation

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There are many mechanical drainage and irrigation facilities such as water pumps in summer

summer is the season when water pumps are used most frequently. For agriculture and forestry, due to the rising labor cost, more and more people will choose mechanical drainage and irrigation facilities such as water and land pumps to replace manual operations. Recently, readers often call to inquire about some problems in the use of water pumps. Combined with the 4-cylinder Volvo drive-e engine, they selected several typical problems to consult industry experts and share them here

"unreasonable power matching" is a relatively prominent phenomenon in mechanical drainage and irrigation at present, mainly "big horse pulling small car" or "small horse pulling big car". For example, a water pump should have been equipped with a 17 kW motor, but it was mistakenly equipped with a 22 kW motor. If it works for 3000 hours a year, it will consume more than 10000 kwh of electricity. This is the so-called "big horse pulling small car" phenomenon. No, customers have a strong demand for upgrading spraying materials. This situation is relatively easy to deal with. If it is "a small horse pulling a cart", it will be a little complicated and difficult to deal with. The matching power is selected to be small. Not only 1. How to install the hydraulic universal testing machine will cause insufficient water output of the water pump, overload of the motor or inability to bring the water pump, but also cannot ensure the safe and economic operation of the equipment

according to the pilot experience, the technicians of Tianjin Aote Pump Industry Co., Ltd. provided some maintenance methods to deal with the problem that the power machine can't drive the water pump. If the power machine and water pump are not matched properly, and the horsepower is too small to take the water pump, it is best to replace the corresponding high-power power power machine in time

if the pump speed is too high and the prime mover cannot bring the pump, adjust and reduce the pump speed. Because after the pump speed increases, the horsepower ratio is relatively higher, with a great increase

in addition, the failure of the power machine to take the water pump may also be caused by the damage of parts in the pump. Severe friction between the impeller and the pump housing or stuck rotation, bending of the pump shaft, too tight packing, bearing damage and other phenomena will make the power machine unable to move the water pump. At this time, it should be overhauled thoroughly, and the components mentioned above should be checked one by one to eliminate the faults

when the water inlet surface changes too much and the water rises very high, the water output of the pump increases, and the load also increases. Finally, it may not work. At this time, the gate valve of the outlet pipe should be turned down or the water output should be reduced to reduce the shaft power

in another case, if the water pump pumps sewage containing a large amount of silt instead of clean water, the shaft power will increase (because the sewage of the same capacity is heavier than clean water), which will also cause the power machine to stop moving. Therefore, generally, agricultural and forestry water pumps are not allowed to pump sewage

in addition, experts also suggested that drainage and irrigation machinery should be selected according to local conditions. Because the production conditions in different regions are different, the performance requirements of water pumps are also different. In plain areas, such as the Pearl River Delta, the river chemical water source is sufficient, dry in autumn and winter, and rainy in summer, which requires rapid drainage. Axial flow pumps with "low head and large flow" performance characteristics should be used. In mountainous areas, since the lifting head is high and the flow is small, the centrifugal pump with the performance characteristics of "high head and small flow" should be selected. In view of the steep mountains and rapid flows in some mountainous areas, which are rich in hydraulic resources, hydraulic pumps with hydraulic energy can be popularized. Due to the lack of surface water in northern areas, groundwater must be developed to irrigate farmland, so deep well pumps, shallow well pumps, submersible pumps, etc. are widely used

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