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American auto parts manufacturer har's inflection point frequency f1 decreases. Japanese auto companies worry about man being acquired by Samsung.

South Korea's Samsung Electronics plans to spend $8billion to acquire American auto parts manufacturer Harman, which has accelerated the concerns of Japanese auto companies, They are worried that domestic cars and automakers will be at a disadvantage in the new round of automotive technology competition. China's electromechanical products transaction (electromechanical): South Korea's Samsung Electronics plans to spend $8billion to acquire Harman, an American auto parts manufacturer, which has accelerated the concerns of Japanese auto companies that domestic cars and automakers will be at a disadvantage in the new round of automotive technology competition. The following is a summary of the article:

Hiroshige Seko, Minister of economy and industry of Japan, said in response to a question about Samsung Electronics' acquisition of Harman on Tuesday: the pace of change in this industry is very fast

shigeng Hongcheng said: cross industry alliance has become a trend. Japan needs a clear strategy in developing this technology

Japan has always performed poorly in dealing with disruptive technologies. Japanese companies used to be leaders in the field of production, but when developing intelligence, they started late and were destined to be difficult to form a climate. As a result, they were connected to the vertebral screw at the tail end and were beaten down by Apple's iPhone

although Japan's chip manufacturing industry has deepened its environmental protection concept, it is still strong in some fields, but it has not occupied the dominant position as it did more than 20 years ago

if the automobile industry in the United States, South Korea and other countries can master the core technology behind driverless cars and United Auto, it will undoubtedly be a huge blow to Japan. As the headquarters of Toyota, Nissan and Honda, Japan's exports of cars and their parts accounted for 20% of the country's total exports last year

a report of the Ministry of economy, trade and industry of Japan this year pointed out that automobiles and electronic products are the two pillars of the Japanese economy, and the country's economic destiny depends on the ability of these two industries to continuously produce high value-added products

in October this year, the Ministry of economy, trade and industry of Japan decided to spend about 195million US dollars to help the research of artificial intelligence, including driverless technology

previously, some media pointed out that the acquisition of Samsung Electronics will reorganize the global automotive supply chain, which also shows that technology companies are preparing to expand their development in the automotive field

Samsung Electronics' acquisition of Harman has focused the outside world on a new round of innovation in automotive technology. In fact, several recent transactions show that Toyota's major suppliers have also accelerated their layout in terms of technology integration

in September, Renesas electronics, which is controlled by the Japanese government background fund, said it would invest $3.2 billion to acquire INTERSIL, an American chip manufacturer. According to an executive involved in the transaction, the move focuses on the automotive chip market

shigeng Hongcheng said in a recent interview that the government may insist on controlling Renesas electronics to ensure that its driverless technology is in the hands of the Japanese

shigeng Hongcheng said: if Japan wants to compete with giants such as Google (Weibo), the government must rush ahead

Panasonic, a Japanese electronics manufacturer, is also a victim of smart business. At present, more than one-third of the company's revenue comes from automotive and industrial systems, including battery products sold to Tesla, an American electric vehicle manufacturer

Panasonic announced its automotive system this week, which will replace rear-view mirrors with video monitors. The company acquired a Spanish parts manufacturer last year

Toyota plans to invest at least US $1billion in the next few years to develop driverless vehicle technology. Before that, Toyota has been boycotting driverless technology. The company's goal is to enable driverless cars to run on high-speed roads by 2020

Masato minakata, an engineer at Toyota who studies new technologies, said that the research is crucial to the competitiveness of the company

another concern of Japanese automakers is the loss of control over the software of the United Automobile center, which can provide similar intelligent services, such as informing nearby destinations

at the same time, Samsung Electronics can consolidate its position in this field by acquiring Harman. Mike tzamaloukas, a Harman executive, said earlier this year that the company hopes to play a key role in building the field of United cars, which will promote the development of semi-automatic driving technology and eventually develop into driverless cars

Toyota announced a plan earlier this month to connect all its cars in the United States and Japan by 2020. This will help the company extend its tentacles to taxi and ride sharing business. Shigeki Tomoyama, head of Toyota's Intelligent Transportation Research Department, said that manufacturers must become providers of platforms because cars will become information terminals

the promotion of a new round of technology will force Toyota, Nissan and other Japanese automakers to change their previous business models, which often require close and long-term supplier relationships

the camera used in Nissan's driverless technology, propilot, was developed by TRW in the United States, and the image processing software is a customized version launched by Mobileye, an Israeli company. Nissan spokesman said that the company hopes to get the best technology without repeatedly relying on traditional suppliers

Toyota Engineer minakata said: Japanese automakers have such a habit. They want to be self-sufficient and tend to cooperate with companies they are familiar with. We are no exception in this regard. However, now we need to look for new technologies in completely different fields

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