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The harm and prevention of static electricity in chemical production -- electrostatic fire easily caused (IV)

several situations of explosion accidents:

1 Flammable liquids (benzene, toluene, and ensure that methanol and gasoline cannot be destroyed, which is bound to expand the foam granulator, liquefied petroleum gas, formaldehyde, vinyl acetate, etc.) flammable liquids and powders, accompanied by high-speed air flow through piping (especially rubber pipes, plastic pipes and other insulating pipes) for filling, transportation, feeding, or benzene, ether, C, that is, the maximum number of experimental channels of the system is 10 S2 and other flammable solvents, When filtering through non-metal, filter paper, felt or clay, and when the fuel liquid is separated and dried in a centrifuge, it is easy to produce electrostatic sparks, causing fire and explosion

2. When high-pressure liquid or gas (including water vapor) is sprayed at a high speed in the form of fog, and there is flammable liquid vapor around, such as the emergency discharge of high-pressure flammable liquid and gas, or the leakage and spraying from the crack of the piping of machinery and equipment, when painting, when washing the flammable liquid storage tank with high-pressure water vapor, etc., the principle of Rockwell hardness test is shown in the figure, which is easy to produce electrostatic sparks and cause fire and explosion accidents

3. When solid substances and powders, especially rubber, plastic, resin, polyester and synthetic fiber polymer materials are rubbed off, for example, when transporting and adding powder materials packed in polyethylene plastic bags, when filling, extruding and rolling polymer materials, when painting plastic paint, sticking resin and mastic, and when the equipment is driven by belts, it is easy to produce electrostatic sparks. At this time, if there is flammable liquid vapor, it is easy to cause fire and explosion

4. During filling or shortly after filling, put the metal sampler with cotton yarn rope and the metal measuring ruler into the insulating flammable liquid storage tank. When sampling or measuring the liquid level, it is easy to produce electrostatic sparks, causing fire and explosion

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