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Glory Youyin - 2018 Youyin communication moves forward with honors

in 2017, Internet big data flourished, the scale of the enterprise service market continued to expand, and the demand for enterprise services continued to grow. More and more enterprises began to favor SaaS services that can provide enterprises with a perfect overall interconnection solution

as a recognized innovation leader and service provider in the field of enterprise communication, Youyin communication provides professional and convenient communication services and platform solutions for global enterprises

in 2017, the innovation of Youyin communication in products and technology was recognized by the industry, and the Youyin brand was also trusted by customers and supported by many multimedia platforms

01 strong alliance and win-win development in the industry

as a senior brand that has been involved in the field of enterprise communication for 13 years, in order to enable more enterprises to enjoy convenient communication services, Youyin communication has cooperated with UFIDA cloud, Alibaba cloud and cloud alliance

as an ecological partner of Alibaba cloud, Youyin communication is the first to enter the Alibaba cloud market, expanding the communication products integrated into the new generation of cloud computing technology to the Alibaba cloud market, so that enterprises have more diversified communication channels, more systematic enterprise management, and more standardized enterprise services. Users can obtain various enterprise communication service products and services through Alibaba cloud at any time

also as one of the ecological partners of UFIDA cloud, Youyin communication has become the first batch of businesses to settle in UFIDA cloud. By sharing the UFIDA cloud platform and public infrastructure and domain services, it provides enterprises with rich characteristic Youyin communication products and stable and reliable API interface services. It is provided on demand and paid according to usage, which can quickly meet the needs of customers and has outstanding anti-aging needs

Youyin communication cooperates with cloud alliance cna to share network resources, product resources, operation resources, customer resources and marketing resources with cloud alliance cna, so as to provide enterprises with rich communication resources, high-quality communication services and perfect communication solutions. At the same time, Youyin communication was awarded the SaaS application partner certificate

02 industry influence to participate in industry events to expand resources

using Internet technology to create a global communication is the mission of Youyin communication. Therefore, Youyin communication actively participates in well-known industry events at home and abroad, communicates and discusses with big players in the industry, expands the international market, and professional technology and thoughtful services have attracted the attention of the industry

as an ecological partner of UFIDA cloud, Youyin communication was invited to participate in the 2017 China enterprise interconnection conference to discuss mutually beneficial cooperation under the opportunities of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change with enterprises in various fields. Youyin's new communication products attract a large number of exhibitors to consult because of their lightweight, superior platform advantages and convenient and fast communication service experience of providing on-demand and paying by usage

the 2017 (13th) China's best call center award and industry development and Innovation Conference was held in Beijing. Youyin communication, as an excellent exhibitor, participated in the exhibition to discuss the new ecosystem of call center development in the smart era with high-end operators or authoritative experts in different fields, so as to exchange, learn from each other and seek win-win cooperation. As a professional call center management platform, Youyin cloud customer service products are favored by enterprises because they can accurately cut into the pain points of enterprise communication management and effectively solve the problems of enterprise communication supervision

as an exhibitor of the 2017 China International Information and Communication Exhibition, Youyin communication brought the latest developed communication product technology to the exhibition, comprehensively displaying its rich products and strong comprehensive strength. The new communication technology, characteristic communication products and innovative cooperation mode of Youyin communication have attracted many exhibitors to consult and negotiate. During this period, Youyin communication also won two awards for its Youyin cloud platform and brand influence

03 the fire-resistant B1 grade polyurethane material with excellent energy-saving and thermal insulation has been paid attention to again by many enterprises and design departments. It has won numerous honors and attracted attention.

being proficient in research and constant in innovation is the constant insistence of Youyin R & D team. With the continuous innovation of Youyin communication in products and technology, the continuous recognition of customers, the reputation of Youyin is gradually growing, the brand influence is increasing day by day, and has won the communication industry list The development of CT industry faces some problems that need to be solved urgently. I forum, ICT dragon and tiger list and other well-known platforms in the industry have won many awards

in the selection of the 11th China communication industry list in 2017, Youyin communication stood out with its strong product technology and resource advantages, which provided intellectual support and made greater contributions to the rapid and healthy development of China's new material industry, becoming a leading enterprise in enterprise communication and winning the market competitiveness Award; With the strong advantages of Youyin cloud platform, it won the most competitive scheme award in particular; Together with Huawei, Shanghai Nokia bell, Ericsson, ZTE, Qualcomm and many other enterprises, it was awarded the top 100 Chinese communication equipment technology service providers

Youyin communication was invited to participate in the 2017 CTI forum recommendation award and industry application and market analysis theme salon. With customers' recognition of Youyin communication products, technologies and services, it won the 2017 CTI forum recommendation Award for unified communication and collaboration products

the 2017 China ICT dragon and tiger list aims to commend and encourage those outstanding contributors to the innovation and development of the ICT industry in 2017. With its leading market leadership and innovative pursuit of product technology, Youyin communication has won two awards in this list, including the 2017 ICT industry influential enterprise award and the 2017 best platform innovation award, and has received great attention from the industry

the honors and achievements of the past year are the industry and customers, and the result of the unremitting efforts of Youyin communication

in 2018, Youyin communication will continue to focus on the R & D, sales and services of enterprise communication products and technologies, make unremitting efforts to provide enterprises with more development momentum and competitive communication products, and strive to bring convenient communication services to more enterprises

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