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Hongrun process calibrator has won three national invention patents

Hongrun process calibrator is a new generation of multifunctional and high-precision portable calibrator developed by Hongrun company with independent intellectual property rights. The product has won three national invention patents: process calibrator (patent number), control circuit (patent number) of process calibrator, reducing the possibility of material degradation, and a signal generating device (patent number), There are two software copyrights of NHR process calibrator software v1.00 (copyright registration halogen flame retardant not only maximum production number 2010sr057577) and NHR signal generator software v1.00 (copyright registration number 2014sr137520). Products support voltage, current, resistance, frequency, thermocouple, thermal resistance and other signals. The highest accuracy can reach 0.01% FS. It is widely used in the commissioning of DCS distributed control system and PLC programmable control system. It is used to calibrate and test industrial process devices and various electrical equipment. It supports a variety of signal types such as current, voltage, resistance, frequency, timely replacement rate, thermocouple, hot spot resistance, etc. it has diverse functions and strong expansibility. It is a necessary measurement tool for industrial sites, laboratories and various instrument manufacturers

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