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Horner participated in the fifth annual meeting of the heating professional committee

the fifth annual meeting of the heating professional committee of the building energy conservation branch of the China Construction Industry Association was held in the beautiful Nanchang city. Horner's OCS products are widely used in the heating industry, so he joined the heating Association and actively participated in this annual meeting

at the meeting, I listened to Yang Jianxun, the director of the heating professional committee, who had good characteristics such as light material, heat insulation, high strength, and so on. Only in this meeting can there be a satisfactory achievement report on the acoustic design and measurement code of gymnasium jgj/t 131 ⑵ 000, understood the policies and regulations of heating management methods, and discussed the current situation and future development of heating

Horner company introduced the general situation of the company and explained the application of integrated controller OCS in district heating. In view of the high cost and low efficiency of operation and maintenance in thermal regulation, the computer monitoring and management system is used to centrally monitor the heat, and the latest product integrated controller and GPRS Technology in the automatic control industry are adopted, so that the functional indicators of the control system have been significantly improved

after the meeting, the industry generally said that the representatives of the members of the company visited the beautiful scenery of Nanchang and felt the simplicity and enthusiasm of the people of Nanchang

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