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Horizon B raised US $600million, becoming the world's highest valued artificial intelligence chip company

on February 27, the artificial intelligence startup horizon (hereinafter referred to as "Horizon") announced that the company had completed a round B financing of about US $600million. This round of financing was jointly led by SK China, SK Hynix and several Chinese first tier automotive groups (with their funds). After the completion of the financing, the valuation of horizon reached $3billion, which means that horizon has become the world's most valuable AI chip company

when choosing the installation environment, horizon was founded in 2015 by Yu Kai, the former president of Baidu deep learning research institute. According to pengpai (), this is also the heavyweight investment of horizon, which has been established for more than three years, following the more than $100million a+ round of financing led by Intel in the second half of 2017. So far, two of the world's three major semiconductor companies (Intel and Hynix) have become strategic shareholders of horizon, the only one among artificial intelligence chip companies

it is also worth mentioning that several automobile groups have appeared in this round of financing of horizon, which is also the criterion for judging the applicability of fixtures. 4. The largest single financing in the history of China's autonomous driving industry. At present, horizon is also the only self driving start-up enterprise in China that has established partnerships with the world's top OEMs and tier1s in the world's four major automotive markets (the United States, Germany, Japan and China)

Yu Kai said in an interview that the future goal of horizon is to become "Intel in the field of edge meter level switch, which is mainly divided into liquid level switch and material level switch", and the main battlefield will be intelligent driving and aiot. At the beginning of entrepreneurship in 2015, the characteristic and core advantage of the founder of horizon was to provide the industry with edge AI chip solutions integrating software and hardware with high performance, low cost and low power consumption

in the so-called edge computing field, horizon's understanding is that in the era of artificial intelligence, due to the requirements of real-time, reliability, data security and so on, it is bound to become a trend for computing to sink to the edge terminal. This requires more and more terminal devices to have strong local computing capabilities. The edge AI processor will be the main battlefield of the future scientific and technological competition, and it is a technological commanding height. Horizon began to focus on the research and development of embedded artificial intelligence chips at the beginning of entrepreneurship

horizon said that the important strategic partners and financial investors introduced in this financing will bring valuable resources and experience to make the gripper and pointer reset horizon further promote R & D and commercialization. Horizon will continue to make efforts in the field of edge computing to consolidate its leading position in technology; At the same time, we will further expand our commercial landscape, enable more industrial landing scenarios and ecological partners, and expand our circle of friends in all walks of life with basic computing platforms

(original title: Horizon B raised $600million, becoming the world's highest valued artificial intelligence chip company)

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