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Hoply Holly car computer enriches your life

"we need my car space to fill my dream; I need a dream to make my car space taste." This is what a somewhat poetic driver said. As the car enters the homes of ordinary people, people pay more and more attention to the life in the car

if the microcomputer in the car used to be a kind of noble luxury, now what via brings is the noble life that civilians can enjoy. Combined with the embedded technology of via, hoply on-board computer has reached a high level of cost, performance and compatibility

the space in the car is always limited. The on-board computer with via embedded system is first-class in size. Whether Mini itx (17cm × 17cm) or nano itx (12cm × 12cm) size standard, which is the pride of Weisheng. The IT industry knows that the size is one point smaller, and the technology needs three points to enter the experimental procedure. For on-board computers, Weisheng's embedded system small Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. has produced experimental machines for so many years after all. We still do better in the post-sales service than any other place, and appropriately meet people's space needs. Because of its ultra small size, the on-board PC built based on the via embedded system will not have the same square shape as the ordinary PC. It can cooperate with the space in the car and hide in the cabin, and the driver control part, display part and passenger control part can be installed separately. To the maximum extent, for example, the southern sunlight makes full use of the limited space in the car

the computer accessories used by ordinary PC will migrate to the drug solution or blood in the medical catheter or infusion bag after passing through phthalate, which will have side effects on the human body. Market competition and research and development go hand in hand, so they have great advantages in price and performance. Most of the hardware interfaces of Weisheng embedded system can use accessories of home PC, such as IDE interface of hard disk, ata/sata interface on motherboard, and dim socket of memory, which are compatible with ordinary PC. And our commonly used external interfaces are more complete. No matter the most commonly used USB, VGA, PS2 and audio interfaces, they are the same as ordinary PC. Strong hardware compatibility not only ensures people's investment, but also has great advantages in convenience

in order to make the media center of the on-board computer really convenient for everyone to use, the on-board computer constructed by hoply has great software compatibility. It uses Microsoft's windows system, and the software often used by daily PCs can be compatible, so it's not afraid of the useless power of on-board computers. In terms of functions, in addition to the common audio-visual media functions, it can also have GPS navigation, emergency contact and other functions required for driving

due to the low heating capacity of via embedded chip, it can work in fanless mode with good stability. You can also put the host of the on-board computer in the trunk to work, so the space in the car only needs the control panel and display device, which is equivalent to having an invisible computer in the car, which brings people the most comfortable riding experience

it can be used, easy to use and durable. This is the small car mini computer dedicated by hope holly

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