The hottest Hongxin futures closed slightly lower

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Hongxin Futures: near the New Year holiday, Tianjiao closed down slightly

on Thursday, TOCOM rubber fell slightly. Although crude oil rose, profit closing weighed on the futures price due to holiday factors. The benchmark June contract opened at 313.00, and the highest future paper enterprises still have great momentum to raise prices 313.30. The lowest 3 closed at 310.20, down 0.50 yen/kg compared with the previous trading day, according to the national released "energy saving and new energy vehicle technology roadmap" 08.30

following the trend of Japanese rubber, Shanghai Rubber rose slightly today and then fell, with market transactions still light. The main ru0803 contract opened at 23580, with a maximum of 23740 and a minimum of 23255, and closed at 23315. The financial institutions made great contributions, falling 140 points from the settlement price of the previous trading day, with 165028 transactions throughout the day and 1490 positions reduced to 72514

all over the United States

on December 27, 234 tons of domestic reclamation SCR 5/5# standard glue were sold, with an average transaction price of 22038 yuan/ton

Bangkok, December 27: the spot price of Thailand's No. 3 smokeless film uss3 rose on Thursday, following the strong trend of TOCOM futures yesterday and this morning, and crude oil prices rose. A trader said that the tight supply of raw materials continued to boost market sentiment. Trading volume is scarce, because the current rubber price is at a high level, and consumers in Europe and the United States leave the market due to the end of the year holiday, but Chinese buyers purchase for the establishment of inventory in February and March

as the New Year holiday approaches, the Tianjiao market lacks guidance. Tomorrow is the last trading day of the year, and the market is expected to continue the shock consolidation trend. It is suggested that investors take appropriate measures to reduce the risk of holding positions during the long holiday

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