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Coronation of glory! Liugong loader 450000 delivery and new product launch

crowning glory! On December 15, 2020, the 450000 Liugong loader delivery ceremony and new product launch conference with the theme of "new pattern, new kinetic energy and new highland" was held in Liugong International Industrial Park. This is another glorious coronation of Liugong loader, and also the spiritual embodiment of Liugong's innovation and reform, scientific and technological leadership, and continuous improvement

Qi Jun, honorary president of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, Shang Haibo, President of shovel transportation branch of China Construction Machinery Association, Zeng Guangan, party secretary and chairman of Guangxi Liugong Group Machinery Co., Ltd. and Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd., who are facing strong demand in the aviation industry, Zhang Pei and Wang Xiaohua, former party secretary and chairman of the company, Huang Haibo, President of Liugong Co., Ltd., Liugong Co., Ltd Li Yuning, deputy secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the labor union of Liugong Co., Ltd., Zhao Enping, Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, Wenwu, vice president of Liugong Co., Ltd., and more than 300 people, including key customers, representatives of domestic and international dealers, employee representatives, media friends, witnessed this historic and glorious moment of Liugong loader

1. The new pattern of innovation and reform will shape the future

"the epidemic has pushed back this year's sales peak, and most products have reached a record high in the same period of the month; at the same time, the industry has made continuous achievements in digitalization and intelligent engineering equipment; some core parts have made new progress in realizing import substitution due to the continuous improvement of design, manufacturing, test and inspection capabilities and levels." Qi Jun said that in the future, the market demand structure will change significantly, from the incremental market to the stock market update and incremental market upgrade, from the main pursuit of cost performance to the development of high performance, high quality, high reliability, etc., and the market differentiation between sub industries will increase. It is expected that the market demand for construction machinery will maintain a stable development in 2021, and the new and updated market demand will play a role together

2020 is an extremely special year, and the epidemic situation makes the national construction machinery industry face a huge test. Liugong loader adheres to the "899 spirit", implements systematic reform and reconstruction, and forms a win-win ecosystem through the integration and collaboration of customer-oriented and rapid response market organization, business process reconstruction, and industrial chain organization

Liugong loaders and their partners around the world have sown and cultivated with fruitful results, writing a "double battle" high score answer sheet to win the battle of epidemic prevention and control and the battle of intelligent production and operation

in this year, Liugong loaders also created many brilliant achievements: the market share of loaders reached a ten-year high, the monthly output of loaders hit a record high, the per capita sales income hit a record high, the punctuality rate of order delivery hit a record high, and the domestic customer satisfaction hit a record high; Liugong loader has become the official designated equipment of the first vocational skills competition and the 46th world skills competition of the people's Republic of China; It has opened up a new pattern of development under the epidemic

2. New kinetic energy technology leads the weight casting industry. Technological innovation is the first driving force for enterprise development. With the continuous improvement of global awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection, motorized equipment has become the general trend of the development of the construction machinery industry. Following the release of Liugong's world's first electric loader 856h-ev on BICES in 2019, Liugong has continued to test and continuously improve the key technologies of electric drive loaders under various severe conditions, especially in the tunnel conditions of Sichuan Tibet railway. This year, Liugong perfectly integrated the key technology of electric drive explored by 856h-ev with the proven 856hmax platform, which is deeply liked by users and won the golden finger award, and focused on resolving excess capacity, reducing cost and increasing efficiency, and developed 856emax electric loader. At present, the key technology of electric drive has been fully mature. Coupled with Liugong's decades of deep understanding of the application conditions of loaders, this model can calmly cope with various harsh conditions such as plateau, high cold, high heat and so on

today's newly released 870hst hydrostatic loader is even more powerful. Compared with traditional loaders, it is more fuel-efficient and its comprehensive energy efficiency is significantly improved; Stepless speed change, more intelligent operation and more comfortable driving; A number of practical functions are added, making the components more reliable and the after-sales maintenance more worry free

at the exhibition site, through the combined layout of construction conditions, the latest R & D achievements of Liugong in recent years were also displayed, allowing customers to deeply understand and experience the full range of construction machinery products and comprehensive solutions represented by the deep integration of new energy and intelligence

SDIC and Liugong signed a strategic cooperation agreement on electric loaders on site

technology leads quality and provides service guarantee. Liugong loaders always bear in mind that it is their responsibility to take scientific and technological innovation and development and revitalize national brands, constantly strive for self-improvement and hard work, and unswervingly promote the development of "made in China" in the global market. From the development of China's first qualified z435 loader by Liugong in 1966, to the upgraded wheel loader ZL50C, to the third and fourth generation loader products of Liugong such as 50g, 856 and 856h, to the large tonnage 8128h, 5g remote control loader and pure electric loader, behind the renewal and iteration of a series of products, Liugong loader has led the wind direction of China's construction machinery industry for several times with high technology and high value-added products, And in the field of loader technology research and development continue to improve and achieve extraordinary performance of the glorious moment

providing customers with excellent products and services has always been the philosophy followed by Liugong people, especially Liugong loaders, which race against the clock, respond quickly, and become the engine of industry change. Continue to write the legend of Liugong loader's high-quality products and services; Be a practitioner, promoter and person in charge of the healthy, high-quality and sustainable development of the industry

3. The remarkable achievement of new highland quality and value creation is an important moment in the development of Liugong loaders, and it is also another shining milestone in the development of China's construction machinery industry. Grow all the way, build dreams with ingenuity, and every success is a new starting point

"as an explorer and guide in China's construction machinery industry, from following imitation to independent innovation, Liu Gongren adheres to the concept of openness, inclusiveness, cooperation and value creation, inherits the past and ushers in the future, creates several firsts in the loader industry, and always walks at the forefront of the industry." Huang Haibo said that taking the 450000 Liugong loader delivery ceremony and new products as a new starting point, the legend continues, and the classic works of Liugong continue to be composed, namely HRA, HRB and HRC

carrying the "Liugong strategy" and continuing the "Liugong miracle", Liugong loader will live up to expectations and demonstrate the brand charm of "made in China" in the global market with its hard core and strength

in 2021, Liugong loaders will adhere to the keynote of "new pattern, new kinetic energy and new highland", move towards the highest goal in history and change to "quality growth", continue to increase investment in electrification, intelligence, new technology breakthroughs, big data applications, etc., and take "excellent quality, leading efficiency and innovative culture" as the core competitiveness, Focusing on the core idea of "customer first, market-oriented, technology-based, lean oriented", we will further explore the layout in terms of technology leadership, intelligent manufacturing, marketing innovation, customer engineering, digital operation and maintenance, interconnection and collaboration, quality ecology, global brand building, etc. With higher wisdom, greater courage and passion, we will provide customers with a comprehensive solution "based on the product life cycle"

facing the future, Liu Gong is full of confidence. The relevant person in charge of Liugong loader said that he would continue to listen to the voice of customers, bravely establish the technology trend and be driven by innovation; Actively expand domestic and overseas markets, create greater value for customers, make greater contributions to improving and promoting the technological innovation and upgrading of China's construction machinery products, and lead the development of intelligent manufacturing of construction machinery

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