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Horizontal multi row automatic wet towel packaging machine

[patent name] horizontal multi row automatic wet towel packaging machine

[applicant] Zhang Dekai

[inventor] Zhang Dekai

[address of the main applicant] 300140 you'anxi, kunwei Road, Hebei District, Tianjin. This has brought great pressure to such manufacturing methods. Li No. 22

[application No.] 4

[application date] January 28, 2005

[approval Announcement No.]

[approval announcement date] May 24, 2006

[main classification No.] b65b11/00 (2006.01) I

[classification No.] b65b11/00 (2006.01) I

[sovereignty] 1. A horizontal multi row full-automatic wet towel packaging machine, which consists of transmission mechanism, transmission, cutting, heating mechanism of internal and external packaging materials, longitudinal It is composed of a horizontal sealing mechanism and a conveyor belt mechanism, which is characterized by: ① the mechanisms of the whole machine are horizontally arranged, and the finished products are multiple rows, and their specifications are adjustable; ② Transmission mechanism: three eccentric sleeves (2), (4), (16) and signal wheels (13) are fixed on the main shaft (7), which are respectively close to and cooperate with the liquid pump sensor (3), conveyor belt sensor (5), position sensor (14) and signal sensor (11) fixed on the frame. At this time, the liquid pump (62), conveyor belt (51), counting motor (49) and stepping motor (24) work, and the clutch (8) can slide on the main shaft (7) by pulling it through the handle (6), The boss on the clutch (8) and gear (12) disengages and closes with the gear (12), so that the gear (15) stops rotating or rotates. The main shaft (7) is fixed with an eccentric sprocket (9) and a handwheel (72) to adjust its eccentricity. The eccentric sprocket (9) is connected with the sprocket (20), which drives the transverse sealing roller (42) to rotate, and the sprocket (10) is connected with the sprocket (27), driving the transmission (26) to work, so that the clamping guide roller (43), the cutter (44) and the feeding guide roller (45) rotate, In the transmission (26), the sprocket (27) is fixed with a gear (77) on the shaft, the intermediate wheel (79) and the spring (82) are fixed on the shaft (78), the shaft (78) is supported on the box of the transmission (26), the shaft (80) is fixed with a gear (81), a clutch (83) and a cutter shaft (44), and the gear (81) and the clutch (83) are connected together through the boss on it; ③ The outer packaging material is coiled material (36), the outer packaging road to life material roller (35) is installed vertically, the outer thread is hollow, the spindle (67) is connected with the outer packaging material roller (35) through the long key (68), the upper end of the spindle (67) is equipped with internal thread, the handwheel rod calculates the maximum force, yield force, uniform peeling force, maximum deformation, yield point, elastic modulus and other parameters (63) of the data, and the pointer (64) is fixed on the end face of the outer packaging material roller (35), and the dial (65) is installed on the end face of the outer packaging material roller (35), Clamp the hand wheel rod (63) in the outer packaging material roll (35) with a snap ring (66); Fix the slitter (28) on the frame, cut the outer packaging material into two pieces from the middle with a cutter (29) and separate the two pieces up and down along both sides of the slitter (28). The upper one is wound onto the guide roller (48) through the guide roller (39), and the lower one is wound onto the guide roller (47). The guide roller (47) and (48) are installed in dislocation, and the upper end is fixed with a liquid nozzle (46). There is a tension adjustment device on the outer surface of the outer packaging coil (36), which is fixed on the frame, The tension adjusting roller (34) clings to the surface of the outer packaging coil (36) and can rotate on the support rod (33). One end of the support rod (33) is hinged with the vertical rod (31), the other end of the vertical rod (31) is connected with the spring (32), and the spring (32) is connected with the damping belt (69); ④ . the inner package coil (37), which is installed vertically, is introduced into the guide roller (71) and then folded by the folding pressing plate (38), so that the inner package coil (37) is folded longitudinally, and the folding pressing plate (38) can swing around the shaft (73); ⑤ The two ends of the longitudinal slitting shaft (85) next to the longitudinal sealing roller (21) are fixed with a longitudinal edge cutter (41) and a knife pressing roller (76), the knife pressing roller (76) is fixed on the frame, the cut edge is sucked away by a fan (52) fixed under the frame, the middle of the slitting shaft (85) is equipped with a slitting knife (40), and the transverse knife (19) is fixed at one end of the transverse knife shaft (17), the other end is equipped with a handle shaft (74), one end of the handle shaft (74) is equipped with a protruding small shaft, and the coupling sleeve (75) is slotted, The small shaft is inserted into the groove to connect the handle shaft (74) with the coupling sleeve (75), the middle of the cross cutter shaft (17) is fixed with a gear (15) and a spring (18), and the gear (15) and the coupling sleeve (75) are connected with the cross cutter shaft (17) with a long key; ⑥ The conveyor belt (51) is controlled by the counting motor (49) through chain drive

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[Abstract] the utility model relates to a horizontal multi row fully automatic wet towel packaging machine, which is composed of a transmission mechanism, an inner and outer packaging material conveying, cutting, heating mechanism, a longitudinal and transverse sealing mechanism, and a conveyor belt mechanism. The whole machine is installed horizontally, and the finished product is multi row, and its specification is adjustable, fully automatic, A number of eccentric sleeves are fixed on the main shaft 7 to cooperate with the corresponding sensors to transmit signals to realize the linkage of various mechanisms. Adjustment mechanisms are set on the outer packaging material roller 35 and the surface of the outer packaging coil respectively. The longitudinal slitting mechanism is equipped with edge cutters 41 on both sides, and the conveyor belt 51 can count automatically. Its advantages are: horizontal installation, reasonable layout, compact, small size, stable operation, easy maintenance and operation, simple structure, high degree of automation, high production efficiency, low labor intensity, low cost, and can be widely used in medicine, health, catering and other industries

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