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Jiulong and Liwen bases have raised prices again. What is the current paper price level

release date: Source: dongjingyi

on June 8, Nine Dragons Paper once again announced its price increase plan: corrugated paper, boxboard paper and other paper types increased by 50/ton, including Dongguan, Taicang, Tianjin, Quanzhou, Chongqing and other production bases. This is the second round of price increase of Nine Dragons Paper in June, and also the third round of price increase of Nine Dragons Paper in the past half month, with a cumulative increase of/ton

in fact, as early as June 5, the market had heard about the price rise of Nine Dragons Paper after the Heilongjiang provincial government made a painful decision. At that time, some analysts pointed out that the reason why Nine Dragons dared to rise was that first, it was because it had a strong willingness to support prices, and the inventory pressure was reduced; Second, the national waste price is rising steadily, and the "coal to gas" policy will also bring about rising costs; Third, some enterprises have bargain hunting behavior, further boosting the paper price

the price rise of Nine Dragons Paper industry has undoubtedly contributed to the rising atmosphere in the market. On June 8, Guangdong Liwen, Jiangxi Liwen, Changshu Liwen, Chongqing Liwen, Zhejiang Shanying, Liansheng paper and many other large paper mills also announced an increase of 50/ton due to different experimental conditions and different test equipment, and several small and medium-sized paper mills in Guangdong, Shandong and other places followed suit

during the period from June 5 to June 8, that is, three days after the news of Nine Dragons' price rise flowed out to nine dragons' official price rise, downstream paperboard price rise letters poured in, and paperboard prices in Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangxi, Hunan and other provinces rose, with a single increase of 3% to 5%. However, at present, the carton factory has not seen large-scale and frequent price increases

it is expected that the probable rate of rise in paper prices will remain the mainstream of the paper market in a short time. In order to let everyone have a clearer understanding of the current paper price level, the author sorted out the corrugated and kraft linerboard quotations of some production bases of Nine Dragons Paper Industry - Taicang nine dragons, Quanzhou nine dragons and Chongqing nine dragons on June 8 according to the base paper price data of "dongjingyi", For industry insiders' reference:

Taicang Nine Dragons Paper

current cash and foreign exchange ex factory quotation including tax for corrugated paper:

Nine Dragons corrugated paper 60g reported 4500/China's automobile production and sales volume remained far ahead of tons, 80g reported 4000/ton, 100g reported 3750/ton, 105g/110g reported 3700/ton, 120g reported 3600/ton, G reported 3550/ton

Hailong corrugated paper 105g/110g reported 3600/ton, 120g reported 3550/ton, 130g/140g/160g/170g reported 3500/ton

corrugated paper 120g reported 3400/ton, 130/140g/160g/170g reported 3350/ton

Jianglong corrugated paper 120g reported 3300/ton, 130/140g/170g reported 3250/ton

ex factory quotation of box board paper including tax, cash and foreign exchange at present:

high quality Kraft linerboard 150g is reported as 4700/ton, 170g is reported as 4600/ton, 230g/280g is reported as 4500/ton

Hailong Kraft linerboard 120g reported 4200/ton, 140g reported 4150/ton, 170g reported 3950/ton, 200g/250g reported 3900/ton

Dilong Kraft linerboard 105g/110g reported 4050/ton, 120g reported 4000/ton, 130g reported 3950/ton, 140g reported 3900/ton

Quanzhou Nine Dragons Paper

corrugated paper is currently quoted in cash with tax:

Nine Dragons corrugated paper 120g is quoted at 3370/ton

Hailong corrugated paper is 3350/ton for 100g, 3250/ton for 120g, and 3200/ton for 130g/140g

Dilong corrugated paper 120g reported 3100/ton, 135g reported 3050/ton

quotation of cash and cash including tax for Kraft linerboard:

g quotation of 4550/ton for nine dragons Kraft linerboard

Hailong Kraft linerboard 130g reported 4200/ton, 170g reported 4150/ton

Dilong Kraft linerboard 100g reported 3750/ton, 130g/140g reported 3650/ton

Chongqing Nine Dragons Paper

ex factory quotation of corrugated paper including tax, cash and foreign exchange:

Nine Dragons corrugated paper 110g reported 3650/ton, G reported 3550/ton

Hailong corrugated paper 110g reported 3600/ton, G reported 3500/ton

Dilong corrugated paper 110g is reported as 3550/ton, and G is reported as 3450/ton

ex factory quotation of tax included cash and foreign exchange for box board paper of general customers:

high quality cow card 170g/175g is reported as 4750/ton, 200g/230g/280g is reported as 4700/ton

Hailong Niuka 140g reported 4400/ton, 160g/170g reported 4250/ton, 190g/200g/250g reported 4200/ton; Dilong Niuka will also provide inexhaustible development power for the extruder industry. 40g is reported as 3950/ton, and G is reported as 3900/ton

earthworm regenerated cow card 80g reported 4200/ton, 85g reported 4150/ton, 90g reported 4050/ton, 100g/110g reported 3950/ton, 120g reported 3850/ton, 130g/140g reported 3800/ton, 160g/170g/200g reported 3750/ton

Jianglong regeneration reports 3900/ton for 90/95g, 3800/ton for 105g, 3700/ton for 120g, 3650/ton for 125g and 3600/ton for 155g

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