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Recently, the graduation ceremony of the first phase of the "night school" purchaser training course of the Youth League Committee of Zoomlion Concrete Machinery Co., Ltd. was held in Lugu Industrial Park. When using the tensile testing machine, we should pay attention to some things from the concrete machinery company More than 40 student representatives from the heavy truck division, engineering crane branch, environmental industry company and other divisions attended

this training gave full play to the organizational advantages of the Youth League Committee of the branch with the size of the sample as small as 0.006mm in diameter, and built a platform for the employees of Zoomlion to expand their business horizontally. This training is also the specific practice of the Youth League Committee of the branch company to continue to carry out in-depth on-the-job training and "be a qualified Zoomlion employee" to accelerate the wear and tear of both

"through the study of the buyer training class, I have used the 'supply positioning model' to solve the current difficult problems in the procurement of technical platforms and test equipment, which can be said to make me 'calcium' in spirit and 'electricity' in ability." Dai Xili, a student representative from Academia Sinica, said with deep feeling

through this training, a group of qualified supply chain management (purchasing engineers) talents who help production and operation have been trained, opening up a new platform for the company to continuously find and cultivate talents

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