Production and demand situation and market forecas

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Acetylacetone production and demand situation and market forecast

acetylacetone production and demand situation and market forecast

December 11, 2001

important pharmaceutical intermediates, veterinary drugs and feed additives, resin bridging agents, reflective glass and transparent isoelectric

films and super conductive film forming agents; It can be used as a solvent to produce adhesives, fuel additives, metal plating materials, paint drying agents, lubricants and cellulose acetate. It can be used as a catalyst for petroleum cracking, hydrogenation and carbonylation, an oxidation promoter. It is also expected to remove oxides on the metal surface by the integration method. It is widely used

production and demand situation

at present, there are only a few domestic producers of acetylacetone, with backward production technology, small scale and low product quality. The total output of

is about 20000 t/A. The production scale of large factories actively serving Tongling Copper based new material industrial base is only 2000t/A, which is difficult to meet the increasing needs of domestic consumption, and it needs to spend a lot of foreign exchange to import from abroad every year. It is an intermediate for insufficient production

market forecast

because acetylacetone is in short supply and needs to be imported from abroad every year, it is suggested to adopt the route of

cracking glacial acetic acid to produce vinyl ketone suitable for large-scale production, build a large-scale production plant with practical application value that acetyl propylene sometimes cannot be loaded to the maximum load or the ketone is unloaded in the loading process, and develop acetylacetone derivatives has broad prospects

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