Production and demand situation and market forecas

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Catechol production and demand situation and market forecast

catechol production and demand situation and market forecast

2001 proportion: 2.13 ⑵ 167g/cm, December 11, 2001

catechol production and demand situation and market forecast

application field: important chemical products, which are widely used in pesticides, pharmaceuticals, additives and other aspects

Production and demand situation since January: in 1999, due to the complexity of this process, the production capacity of foreign countries was 30000 tons/year, which was concentrated in France, Italy and Japan. In order to break the monopoly, in recent years, China has strengthened scientific research and developed new production processes. In 2000, the total production capacity reached 2500 tons/year, the annual demand was about 3000 tons, and the import volume was close to 2000 tons, there was still a large gap

Market Forecast: it is expected that the international demand for catechol will increase gradually, the thermal insulation performance of thermal insulation materials will decline sharply under water absorption, the import volume will decline, and the pressure of domestic production enterprises on imported products will be reduced. If China can install a 10000 ton production plant and compete with foreign countries in terms of cost and quality, it will greatly promote the development of catechol and its downstream products in China

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