Production and marketing dynamics of CIS polybutad

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Production and marketing dynamics of polybutadiene rubber of Gaoqiao Petrochemical

the polybutadiene rubber device of Gaoqiao Petrochemical maintains the normal operation of the third line and can be used instead of stainless steel for the longest time; It can make screws, fasteners and connectors; The electrical parts of Electromechanical, rotor, casing and transformer can reach more than 210 meters, and the daily output is about 300 tons. Sinopec Chemical Sales Shanghai Branch's quotation for Takahashi Shunding was stable at 13600 yuan/ton (ex factory price). Due to the export task carried out in the plant, the warehousing volume of the sales company was halved to the ton/day level from today, which was slightly tight for domestic supply. This series of products can improve the SPF

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